All prices are subject to local sales tax.

My fee for a fine tuning service is $150.  This also includes any cleaning and minor adjustments that I can perform in under 30 minutes total.

Pitch adjustments (pitch raises, or in rare cases, lowerings) are an additional $75.  Pianos that haven’t been tuned in the last year or so will usually need a pitch raise.

(Pitch adjustments are needed when the overall pitch of the piano is 5 cents or more off of where it should be.  These larger changes in string tension will result in some initial settling, so I have to tune the piano in two passes — that’s what the extra charge is for.  Sometimes I can skip the cleaning and adjustments and do a pitch adjustment without an additional fee, but only when the piano is still pretty close to that 5 cent range.)

If the visit is to an area that’s more than a 45-minute drive from my home location, there is an additional fee ($35 and up) to help cover gas and travel time.  We’ll let you know before booking the appointment.

Other services (Repair, Regulation, Voicing, etc.) are priced on a case-by-case basis.